The Ministry of Advanced Education talks the talk but does not walk the walk



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Objective 2.2 of the 2013-2015 Service Plan of the Ministry of Advanced Education is to develop a highly internationalized education system.  The plan requires that BC’s International Education Strategy:

  • “expand opportunities for BC students to participate in study and work abroad experiences to gain knowledge and build relationships that will enable them to be successful in an increasingly global society”.
  •  “encourage all educational institutions in BC to develop a stronger international outlook within BC’s educational system.”
  • “The province is also becoming more culturally diverse. We need to expand our international focus in B.C. to remain competitive in an increasingly globalized world. This will lead to greater understanding and tolerance, enriching personal connections between British Columbians and other people around the world. It will also help create and maintain key international pathways for commerce, research and innovation.” (page 9 of Service Plan).

But when British Columbians go to study medicine internationally they are exiled to second class citizen status, unable to access 61 out of 65 medical disciplines unless there are crumbs leftover after Canadian and American medical school graduates have their pick.  To add insult to injury they are called second class medical graduates, even if they studied at medical schools rated internationally above any Canadian medical school.

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