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Read this after perusing the timelines that have been posted.

As you go through medical school, there will be A LOT going on in your life.

We suggest getting started on your CV & Clinical Resume as soon as you get in! The rest of this post will assume you are in a 4 year program…

So you made it to a new country to start medical school.  First things first, check out the organizations, societies and clubs that are offered at your school.  See if there are any extra awards (such as a Medal in Hand Dissection, or other, sometimes quite random, awards).  Make some time between the groups you joined, the amount of studying you do, and find a place to volunteer.

Over the Christmas holiday of your first year, seek out a mentor, and arrange observerships or research for the upcoming summer.  It is MUCH easier to do this when you are physically in the country.  Your second year should follow this plan as well.

At the start of your third year, you will need to apply for your MCCEE, which will be written approximately in March of your 3rd year.  Over the Christmas break this year, see if any schools offer clinical electives for 3rd year students and do a 2 week one.

After writing your MCCEE, you now have to apply for your NAC-OSCE which you will do in September of your final year.

Over summer between your 3rd and 4th year, do clinical electives, as many weeks as possible. The point of these electives, besides getting Canadian clinical experience, is to obtain letters of reference.

As your summer of electives ends, and the NAC-OSCE looms, the CaRMS application opens.  As a CSA, you actually have to apply for a token to get a CaRMS application (do this early).  Prepare for CaRMS by writing your personal letter(s).

Interview season is typically January to February of your final year, with your Rank Order List deadline nearing the end of February.  MATCH DAY is usually at the start of March (we wish you the best and hope you match!).

**If you have any questions, concerns, information you would like to share, send us an email!**

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