FAQ: Reasons for studying abroad




Do CSAs study abroad because they cannot get into Canadian medical schools?  

Some yes.  Some no.

1.  In 2010 the CaRMS CSA survey reported:

  • 26.7% of CSAs have never applied to a Canadian medical school
  • 37.0% of CSAs applied only one time to Canadians medical schools (The survey results do not set out how many CSAs applied to both, Canadian and International schools, at the same time, nor how many were accepted to Canadian medical schools but chose the international school.)
  • CSAs applied to Canadian medical schools an average of 1.76 times
  • CMGs applied an average of 2.59 times before being successful

2.  In 2013 the Canadian Medical Students in Poland reported that only 2.6% of Polish students chose to study in Poland because they could not get into a Canadian medical school.  However, 27.63% stated they did not want to risk not getting into a Canadian medical school.  The most common reason was that Poland offered a medical program that was high quality and time efficient.  The second most common reason was a desire to explore the world.  The third most common reason was lower tuition fees.

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