We need your help to accomplish our goals.

Your financial support and your help is needed to end discrimination against international medical graduates.

SOCASMA has been trying to work with politicians, UBC, and the Ministry of Health for more than 3 years to correct the system. In 2011 the Stilwell report was presented to government setting out the barriers CSAs face in returning to Canada, how CSAs are necessary to help address our doctor shortage, and how the problems facing CSAs and the public can be solved. Nothing has been done and nothing will be done. The only route to change is through the courts.

Law suits are expensive. We are fighting against deep pockets. We call upon all Canadians to contribute financially to this fight. We ask parents of CSAs to recognize that $1000 to $5000 is not a large sum to add to the cost of education so that our children, or those of others, if it is too late for our own, can come home to follow their dreams and meet our health care needs.

The action will be brought in B.C. but it will have repercussions across all of Canada. All Canadians have the same rights.

All funds contributed for the law suit will be marked as such. If the court case is settled or otherwise completed with funds remaining, the remaining funds will be returned pro rata to the contributors.

If you are able to contribute your time and skill, we could use your help too.  Please contact us for more details at socasma@outlook.com.